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New Poll Asks Voters About Critical Race Theory, College Admissions, COVID Protection Inside Schools


DATE: October 25, 2021

CONTACT: Amy Dowell |

New Poll Asks Connecticut Voters About Critical Race Theory, College Legacy Preferences, and COVID Protections Inside Schools

Connecticut Shows Consensus on Controversial Education Issues

October 25, 2021—According to a Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey of likely Connecticut 2022 general election voters—commissioned by Education Reform Now Advocacy CT (ERNA CT), DFER CT’s 501(c)(4) partner—a majority of voters agree when it comes to Critical Race Theory, making college admissions more fair, and both masking and COVID vaccination in schools.

“While the national conversation about these issues has been heated, the data in Connecticut show far more consensus,” said Amy Dowell, State Director of DFER CT. “It’s clear that voters here are concerned with equity and fairness in education policy debates—particularly with issues related to Critical Race Theory, college admissions, and public health."

Some of the poll’s key findings are:

A large majority of voters are aware of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and a plurality do not believe it's being taught in our public schools.

  • 85% are familiar with CRT.

  • 40% said they do NOT think CRT is being taught in CT public schools. Only 28% believe it is.

  • 63% support teaching about the ongoing effects of slavery and racism in CT schools.

The majority of voters are supportive of making college more accessible by removing the legacy preferences for children of alumni from decisions about admissions.

  • 56% agree that public and private colleges should be prohibited from using legacy preferences in college admissions decisions.

Voters are overwhelmingly supportive of vaccine mandates for students and teachers, as well as masking in schools.

  • 66% favor requiring all students who are eligible to get vaccinated against coronavirus.

  • 70% support requiring all teachers to be fully vaccinated against coronavirus.

  • 63% support requiring all students and teachers to wear masks in schools.

In addition, the poll finds that a large majority of likely 2022 general election voters, 60%, hold a favorable view of Governor Ned Lamont, with only 36% viewing him unfavorably. When asked about who they would vote for next year, likely GOP candidate Bob Stefanowski or Gov. Lamont, 52% of respondents chose Gov. Lamont. 36% chose Stefanowski. When asked about a race between likely GOP candidate Themis Klarides and Gov. Lamont, 52% of respondents again chose Gov. Lamont. Only 32% chose Klarides.


The survey of 729 registered voters statewide who are likely to vote in the 2022 general election was conducted on Oct. 21-22, 2021, by Public Policy Polling. 41% of interviews for the survey were conducted by telephone and 59% by text message.


About Democrats for Education Reform CT

The state chapter of a national organization, Democrats for Education Reform CT advocates for change guided by progressive values. We seek to promote great educational opportunities and achievement for all by increasing equity, protecting civil rights, and strengthening the social safety net.​ We are building a political pipeline of Democratic leaders who will improve our education system so that it better serves students and families.


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