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ERN CT RELEASE: Education Reform Now CT Unveils 2020 ‘Equity in Education’ Agenda


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Education Reform Now CT Unveils 2020 ‘Equity in Education’ Agenda

January 30, 2020 — As legislators and policymakers prepare to begin another legislative session, Education Reform Now CT (ERN CT) today unveiled its 2020 policy agenda. The agenda will cover four areas, outlined below, and will touch on issues ranging from affordable housing, to special education resources, school vaccination requirements, school choice, and much more.

“Our 2020 agenda is about addressing current disparities in equity when it comes to education in Connecticut, and applying real, concrete ways to overcome those disparities to give more students the chance to succeed,” said Amy Dowell, Connecticut State Director for ERN CT. “All of our work will be based on core beliefs that all children have the right to attend excellent public schools, that students and families must be at the center of any dialogue about education, and that schools and educators should be given all necessary resources to offer excellent academic opportunities for all students, particularly our most vulnerable.”

ERN CT’s 2020 work will fall into four categories:

  • Fair Access to High Quality: ERN CT will work to expand Connecticut’s successful Open Choice program, which allows students to attend school in any participating district within the region in which they reside. This program increases shared services, empowers parents, and helps districts with declining enrollment. Additionally, ERN CT will take part in a growing conversation about affordable housing in Connecticut by pushing for changes that would incentivize municipalities with bonus school construction grants to towns that substantially increase affordable housing options and offer more inclusive zoning.

  • Students Prepared for the Future: After identifying real concerns about cost and graduation rates in a recent report on higher education in Connecticut, ERN CT will focus on increased institutional accountability and mentorship for low income students and students of color, and prioritize affordability for all in our state.

  • Healthy Schools for All: Last year, ERN CT was a key driver of efforts to make schools safer for all students by removing all non-medical exemptions to school immunization requirements. ERN CT will continue that work in the new year, and also partner with lawmakers to stabilize Excess Costs for special education in every school district.

  • Public School Choice: Connecticut families want and deserve more education options for their children. In 2020, ERN CT will continue to support a unified funding formula, seek a renewed RFP process for additional charter schools, and support the opening of Danbury Prospect Charter School (already approved by the State Board of Education) that will significantly address current over enrollment in the district.

More information about ERN CT and its 2020 agenda can be found here.


About Education Reform Now CT

The state chapter of a national organization and affiliate of DFER CT, Education Reform Now CT is a 501(c)(3) that operates as a think tank and policy advocate, promoting great educational opportunities and achievement for all by increasing equity, protecting civil rights, and strengthening the social safety net.


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