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RELEASE: Poll Shows Lamont 18 Points Ahead of Stefanowski, Dems More Trusted on Education


DATE: October 24, 2022

CONTACT: Amy Dowell |

New Poll Shows Governor Ned Lamont (D) 18 Points Ahead of Challenger Bob Stefanowski (R) Dems More Trusted Than GOP to Handle Education in CT

October 24, 2022 According to a SurveyUSA poll, commissioned by Education Reform Now Advocacy CT, DFER CT’s 501c4 affiliate, Ned Lamont is poised to easily defeat Republican business executive Bob Stefanowski and win a second term as Governor of Connecticut. Lamont leads Stefanowski by eighteen percentage points, 52%-34%.

Asked which party they trust more to handle issues related to Connecticut schools and education, 50% of likely voters chose Democrats, and only 34% chose Republicans.

"Despite the extreme rhetoric we are seeing from the GOP at school board meetings and on the campaign trail across the state, Democrats are still leading the way on issues that matter like school safety, funding, and high academic standards,” said Amy Dowell, State Director of Democrats for Education Reform CT. “This ultra conservative overstep on public education is not resonating with Connecticut voters."

The survey also showed Independents trusting Democrats more than Republicans on education by an 18 point margin.

Other Key Findings:

  • Lamont leads almost all voter groups: Lamont leads by 35 points among women and by a point among men. Lamont leads by 30 points among the oldest and typically most reliable voters, by 23 points among voters aged 35 to 49, and by 10 and 11 points among 50 to 64 year-olds and 18 to 34 year-olds, respectively. Lamont leads by 10 points among white voters, 15 among Latinos, and 68 points among Black voters.

  • On top issues, voters prefer Lamont: Lamont and Stefanowski are effectively tied among the 29% of voters most focused on jobs and the economy; but Lamont leads by 82 points among the 10% who say gun safety is the most important issue, 76 points among the 7% most focused on health care, and by 49 points among the 7% of voters who prioritize education-focused issues.

  • Lamont leads on Net Favorability: 60% of voters have a favorable opinion of Lamont (29% very favorable, 31% somewhat favorable), compared to only 37% with an unfavorable opinion (16% somewhat unfavorable, 21% very unfavorable.) That’s a Net Favorability of Plus 23. 42% have a favorable opinion of Stefanowski (15% very favorable, 27% somewhat favorable), while 45% have an unfavorable opinion (21% somewhat, 24% very). Stefanowski’s Net Favorability is therefore Minus 3.

About the Methodology:

SurveyUSA interviewed a total of 1,050 Connecticut adults online 10/15/22 through 10/18/22, using a sample provided by Lucid Holdings LLC of New Orleans. Of the adults, 857 were identified as being registered to vote. Of the registered voters, 718 were determined by SurveyUSA to be likely to vote in the November election for Governor. The pool of adult survey respondents was weighted to US Census targets for gender, age, race, education, and home ownership. Read the full polling memo here.


About DFER CT:

The state chapter of a national organization, Democrats for Education Reform CT advocates for change guided by progressive values. We seek to promote great educational opportunities and achievement for all by increasing equity, protecting civil rights, and strengthening the social safety net.​ We are building a political pipeline of Democratic leaders who will improve our education system so that it better serves students and families.


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