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DFER CT Open Letter to Commissioner Cardona

DATE: September 4, 2019

CONTACT: Amy Dowell |

DFER CT Releases Open Letter to Commissioner Cardona

Today, DFER CT State Director Amy Dowell released an open letter to Education Commissioner Miguel Cardona. Outlining the important work ahead as the state seeks to improve public education, the letter touches upon the need for greater resource equity, sharing services to maximize education dollars and create opportunities in the classroom, and increasing the diversity of Connecticut’s educator workforce.

“This year, state leaders took important steps to resolve the budget deficit and address critical issues like raising the minimum wage and enacting paid family medical leave,” says Dowell in the letter to Commissioner Cardona. “These new initiatives begin to address some of the challenges many families in Connecticut face. As an extension of the effort to build stronger communities in our state, we must address inequality in our public education system. It’s time to provide equal opportunity for students across school district lines.”

To read the letter in full, click here.


About DFER CT:

DFER CT is an organization that supports elected Democrats and candidates who are champions of public education. Education progressives, we’re building a pipeline of Democratic leaders who will improve our education system so that it better serves students and families. As part of realizing the American Dream, we advance policies and practices based on democratic values, with a goal of: increasing equity, protecting civil rights and the social safety net, and promoting great educational opportunities for all. DFER CT is the state chapter of a national political organization


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