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DFER CT Responds to Republicans on School Vaccinations

DATE: August 6, 2019

CONTACT: Amy Dowell |

DFER CT Responds to Republicans on School Vaccinations:

In the Best Interest of All Children, the Commissioner of Public Health Should Weigh In on Matters of Student Health

Today, Amy Dowell, State Director of Democrats for Education Reform CT and Education Reform Now CT, released the following statement in response to recent reporting on a letter from key Republican lawmakers:

"We understand that Democrats and Republicans might not always agree on controversial issues that impact students. However, in the best interest of all Connecticut students, we should be able to agree that the Commissioner of Public Health must be allowed to weigh in on a matter that clearly impacts our public health, and especially the health of children.

“The Connecticut Department of Public Health released a report in May that made clear that 102 schools had less than 95% immunization, a threshold recommended by the National Centers for Disease Control, demonstrating that this was a public health concern that the state should address.

“We stand behind the Democratic leaders who are working to find a reasonable and responsible path forward--one that makes certain our schools can remain healthy spaces for children to learn and grow. That starts with doing everything we can to ensure basic safety.

“We look forward to the legislature taking this issue up next fall, as Connecticut follows the lead of other states on this important matter."


About DFER CT:

DFER CT is an organization that supports elected Democrats and candidates who are champions of public education. Education progressives, we’re building a pipeline of Democratic leaders who will improve our education system so that it better serves students and families. As part of realizing the American Dream, we advance policies and practices based on democratic values, with a goal of: increasing equity, protecting civil rights and the social safety net, and promoting great educational opportunities for all. DFER CT is the state chapter of a national political organization.


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