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Differing Democratic Visions, Mayoral Races, and National School Choice Week

This weekly segment by Democrats for Education Reform CT looks at the top education stories Democrats are watching, providing bite-sized analysis and links to recent articles. This week: differing visions for public education among Democrats, municipal races for mayor, and National School Choice Week.

Democratic Divisions

In light of recent teacher strikes, the New York Times released a story describing competing ideas about how the Democratic party addresses public education. One camp is described as focusing on the needs of teachers and resources, in line with organized labor. The other is advancing President Obama’s vision of public education, one that supports improving outcomes for students and progressive change in schools like tenure reform and increased accountability.

Municipal Races

This week saw several announcements of mayoral candidacies! State Senator Marilyn Moore announced her intention to primary Mayor Joe Ganim in Bridgeport. Meanwhile, Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin launched his campaign for reelection. And in New Haven, Justin Elicker is challenging Mayor Toni Harp. We hope to hear about plans for improving public education during these municipal races!

National School Choice Week

It’s National School Choice Week. Anna Hall, CEO of the Northeast Charter School Network, penned an Op Ed describing how wealthy families exercise choice, either through private education or through moving to neighborhoods with high performing public schools. She writes about the importance of giving similar choices to parents with limited incomes, empowering them to choose the education that’s best for their individual children, whether in district public schools, public charters, magnets, or private schools.

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