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New CT Dem poll, fight for school immunizations, + ongoing ed mentions on the presidential trail

This is the last Wednesday Weekly of 2019, and we’re so grateful to the many state officials, legislators, advocates, and education reform experts who have joined us each week for a quick update on the latest education trends in CT. It’s been an exciting year!

Stay tuned for our End of Year Report before the holiday break.

Consensus for CT Dems

On Monday, our 501(c)(4) affiliate, Education Reform Now Advocacy CT, released a Public Policy Polling survey of Democratic primary voters in Connecticut, indicating that the majority want the state to take action to increase equity and opportunity. The findings show considerable Party consensus on several controversial education policy issues, including:

  • The vast majority of Democratic primary voters believe the religious exemption to vaccines should be eliminated.

  • A majority also support providing families with more choice in the public school system, including public charter schools, magnet schools, and career academies.

  • A vast majority believe that state and local governments have a responsibility to take steps to increase affordable housing.

  • Most also agree that regionalization proposals which would allow for the voluntary sharing of school services and collaboration with other school districts must be considered.

Based on these outcomes, it’s clear Democratic voters are decisively calling for action as Connecticut tackles education investments that will grow a competitive economy and workforce.

Nationwide Fight for Safer Schools

The New Jersey legislature faced a stumbling block this week while tackling the repeal of religious exemptions to school immunization requirements. The bill in question passed the House on Monday and moved to the Senate, where lawmakers realized that they unexpectedly didn’t have enough votes. However, they can revive their bill in January 2020. Meanwhile, New York’s recent elimination of the religious exemption was upheld as constitutional last week by an Albany Supreme Court. With Governor Lamont’s September announcement that he supports the repeal of non-medical exemptions, Connecticut is slated to soon join California, Maine, Mississippi, New York, and West Virginia in this growing national trend to protect students from preventable diseases. Our poll this week shows that 77% of Democratic primary voters are with the CT Gov and Democratic leaders on this issue!

Ongoing Education Mentions on the Presidential Trail

  • Seven presidential hopefuls participated in a six hour education forum this weekend, unpacking their plans to improve the public school and higher education systems. (Chalkbeat | Education Drive)


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