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Latest on regionalization, the college admission scandal, and a school discipline bill

This weekly segment by Democrats for Education Reform CT looks at the top education stories Democrats are watching, providing bite-sized analysis and links to recent articles. On the roster this week: the latest on regionalization, the college admission scandal, and a school discipline bill.

Shared Services, Shared Opportunity

District regionalization remains a prominent Connecticut headline, as Governor Lamont amended his school district regionalization bill today, "encouraging," rather than requiring, districts to develop plans for consolidation of school services. In response, Amy Dowell, State Director of DFER CT and ERN CT, released a statement urging real change, saying, “Too many of the loudest voices in this debate are just saying no, but ironically, they’re coming from districts that can already afford to provide high quality schools.” Next week, ERN CT will be hosting a forum on the benefits of district regionalization called Shared Services, Shared Opportunity, at the Legislative Office Building. Register today!

The Real Admissions Scandal

A college admissions scandal has dominated headlines over the past week, in which 50 people were charged in a cheating and bribery scheme to get wealthy children into top universities. While the story has gained attention for exposing celebrities in wrongdoing, it has also initiated a conversation about the perfectly legal advantages in higher education that are afforded to wealthier students and families. ERN National Director Shavar Jeffries had an Op-Ed in The Hill, in which he identified legacy preferences, early decision, and donor favors as practices that amount to "affirmative action for the rich.”ERN’s Director of Strategic Initiatives for Policy, Michael Danneberg, has also been featured in the news for his research on admissions practices that undermine diversity, fail to reward merit, and are plain unfair.

Revisiting School Discipline Policy: A Retread

The CT Mirror this week highlighted the other education bills, amidst the controversy over regionalization, that the legislature is considering. Among them is HB 7110, a bill that would require districts to plan for responding to disruptive behavior in the classroom. We fought against a similar bill last year because overreaching school discipline policies disproportionately impact the most vulnerable students.


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