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DFER CT Applauds Efforts to Continue Working on School District Regionalization

DATE: March 1, 2019

CONTACT: Amy Dowell |

Democrats for Education Reform CT Applauds Efforts to Continue Working on School District Regionalization Says 'No Gets us Nowhere' in Effort to Save Money and Help Students

Today, Amy Dowell, State Director of Democrats for Education Reform CT and Education Reform Now CT, released the following statement applauding efforts by Democratic leadership in the General Assembly, as well as Governor Lamont, to continue the important conversation around school district regionalization:

“Surely everyone in Connecticut can agree that our state must find ways to be more efficient and more financially responsible when it comes to how we provide services. That’s what is at the core of this debate on school district consolidation, cooperation, and regionalization debate. We hope that today's hearing allows citizens, advocates, and elected officials to share their perspectives, and to find ways to keep this important dialogue going.

“This is not a conversation about reducing local control, or busing kids to new schools. Rather, it’s about combining administrative functions and non-instructional services such as IT, HR, and finance. It’s about improving students’ access to comprehensive educational programming such as AP courses. It’s about more art and music education for our kids, as well as more access to athletics. And it’s about finding new economies of scale that can work to the district’s advantage -- all of which regionalization can achieve.

“We thank Senator Looney for proposing legislation to further this conversation. He is leading with a clear desire for equity in our school system and ensuring opportunity for all students. We thank Senator Duff for his bill as well. He has been a stalwart partner in reforming Connecticut’s school finance system, and a relentless advocate for finding efficiencies in our education system. And we applaud Governor Lamont and his administration for including this in their package of legislative proposals, and for their willingness to keep this dialogue going this session.”


About DFER CT:

DFER CT is an organization that supports elected Democrats and candidates who are champions of public education. Education progressives, we’re building a pipeline of Democratic leaders who will improve our education system so that it better serves students and families. As part of realizing the American Dream, we advance policies and practices based on democratic values, with a goal of: increasing equity, protecting civil rights and the social safety net, and promoting great educational opportunities for all. DFER CT is the state chapter of a national political organization. It is the sister organization to Education Reform Now CT.


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